четверг, мая 12, 2005

Why Current Economic Conditions Are Best for Starting a Business

by Rob Spiegel

Have you been thinking about launching a company? Or perhaps you're considering an expansion of your existing business. Finally, current economic conditions are conspiring to offer you the best environment for a business startup. Current conditions are as favorable for startups as any time we've seen since late 1982, the year we were just beginning to emerge from a deep and prolonged recession and enter a 20-year expansion that was interrupted only briefly in 1991.

Our present environment looks even better than 1982, as interest rates are lower, and the job losses during our recent downturn were not nearly as devastating as 1982, when the jobless rate hit 10.8 percent in October, a dreary number that still holds the post-Depression record for unemployment. More people are employed now and their paychecks...


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